Djedovic Handanovic: Serbia's lithium reserves a "gift from God"

BELGRADE - Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Djedovic Handanovic says Serbia's lithium reserves in the Jadar valley are a "gift from God" and that the Serbian government is working and making decisions about the Jadar lithium mining project in a responsible manner and based on documentation that has passed public scrutiny.

"We have an opportunity - we are rich and we are literally sitting on various strategic mineral resources worth billions and we want to use them in the most efficient way possible, above all, in the interest of our industry, manufacturing and economic development," Djedovic Handanovic said in an appearance on the RTS on Tuesday evening.

Noting that the Serbian government had halted the Jadar project, the minister said she was trying to assess all aspects of the project that were within her competencies.

"What is in my line of...

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