Tourism’s records are confirmed

The estimates about a new historical record of tourism receipts and arrivals in 2023 were confirmed by the Bank of Greece.

International recognition for Greece for having a high-level tourism product with first-class private hotel infrastructure and excellent organization and services has led in recent years to the dynamic recovery after the pandemic and further growth, even from the previous record-level of Greek tourism.

According to the BoG figures, travel receipts amounted to 20.45 billion euros for the whole year. This is an amount that is 12.7% higher than the previous record-breaking year, 2019, when revenues had reached €18.15 billion. It is €2.3 billion more than in the last year before the pandemic, i.e. 2019. It is also up 15.7% from the €17.67 billion the country collected in 2022.

The growth in receipts is less than the growth in arrivals....

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