Lion’s share of foreign investment in realty

The plan for utilizing the real estate portfolio is already clear. Information indicates that out of the 573 properties that will be acquired, only 75 will remain with the company. The rest are expected to be sold gradually, with the expected revenue estimated at €240 million.

Real estate was a huge draw, again, for foreign investors in 2023, accounting for almost 1 out of every 2 euros that flowed into Greece.

The Bank of Greece reported that in 2023, capital inflows from abroad reached a record high of 2.133 billion euros for the second consecutive year, compared to 1.975 billion euros in 2022, but also 1.17 billion euros in 2021.

The third best performing year was 2019, with 1.45 billion euros. 

The data show that the real estate market had a decisive contribution, amounting to 47% of the total of 4.48 billion euros invested in the Greek economy last year.

However, a drop was recorded during the fourth quarter of 2023. During this period, funds of 489.5 million euros flowed into the real estate market, a figure that was the lowest quarterly performance of the last four quarters. 

Compared to the corresponding quarter...

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