Verdict on 2018 Mati fire on April 29

The trial regarding the response to the deadly fire that ripped through the East Attica suburb of Mati in July 2018, which killed more than 100 people and left dozens injured, will finally reach its conclusion on April 29 at the first instance.

After months of legal proceedings, the court announced on Thursday that it will issue its verdicts on April 29 on the guilt or not of the 21 defendants who were tried over the handling of the devastating wildfire and the state apparatus' criminal omissions.

Top executives of the state apparatus, the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection, as well as local government officials are in the dock, along with the man who, with criminal negligence, lit a fire in Daou Penteli, even though there were gale-force winds, which ultimately led to the disaster.

Unfortunately, the judiciary fell short of expectation and could not complete...

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