Kyiv requests new weapons systems

File photo. [AP]

With the war in Ukraine at a critical juncture, Kyiv is seeking to meet its ever-increasing needs for ammunition and weapons systems, mainly through bilateral agreements and requests. The Greek Parliament released a package a few days ago, mainly concerning ammunition, before a Ukrainian delegation came back with new requests, related to Kyiv's air capability, anti-aircraft defense, and land forces.

More specifically, the Ukrainians are requesting support to acquire F-16 fighter jets. Since Athens has ruled out any possibility of concession or sale of fighter jets to Kyiv, the Ukrainians have requested assistance in training F-16 pilots, spare parts for the aircraft, AMRAAM and AGM-88 HARM missiles and GBU-39 bombs.

In addition, Kyiv wants anti-aircraft systems. In particular, they have requested the release of the S-300, SA-8 OSA, Crotale and Hawk even if they are...

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