At birthplace of Olympics, performers at flame-lighting ceremony feel a pull of the ancient past

Performers, who will take part in the flame lighting ceremony for the Paris Olympics, join a rehearsal at Ancient Olympia site, Sunday. [AP]

ANCIENT OLYMPIA - No one knows what music in ancient Greece sounded like or how dancers once moved.

Every two years, a new interpretation of the ancient performance gets a global audience. It takes place in southern Greece at a site many still consider sacred: the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Forty-eight performers, chosen in part for their resemblance to youths in antiquity as seen in statues and other surviving artwork, will take part Tuesday in the flame-lighting ceremony for the Paris Olympics.

Details of the 30-minute performance are fine-tuned - and kept secret - right up until a public rehearsal Monday.

The Associated Press got rare access to rehearsals that took place during weekends, mostly at an Olympic indoor cycling track in Athens.

Ceremonies take place at Olympia every two years for the Winter and Summer Games. [AP]

As riders...

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