12-Year-Old Bulgarian Kaloyan Geshev Achieves Triple Champion Status in Mental Calculation

Ministry of Education and Science

Seventh-grader Kaloyan Geshev from Sofia's 125 SU "Boyan Penev" school has once again showcased his remarkable talent in speed calculation, clinching the title of three-time champion in mental math. In the recent Mental Math Olympiad, held virtually, Kaloyan outshone competitors from around the globe, securing first place with an impressive score of 243 points, the Ministry of Education and Science announced. His victory overshadowed rivals like Aaryan Shukla and Vandal Nyati from India, who scored 233 and 166 points, respectively.

This triumph adds to Kaloyan's already illustrious record. In 2022, he claimed the gold medal and the world title at the Under-12 World Mental Calculation Championship in Bielefeld, Germany. March 2023 saw him successfully defend his world title, solidifying his status as a prodigy in the field of mathematics.

For Kaloyan, mathematics isn't just a subject - it's a calling. His exceptional talent was evident early on when, at the age of 3-4, he began writing large numbers with chalk on the playground. By first grade, he was mentally multiplying and dividing two-digit numbers, and now, in seventh grade, he reigns as a three-time champion in mental speed math.

Kaloyan's recent victory at the Mind Sports Olympiad saw him competing against participants from India, Serbia, and the UAE, solving 24 problems within the time frame of 20 seconds to 1 minute each - all in his mind. Additionally, he and his teammates from the mathematics team of the 125th school in Sofia clinched silver and bronze medals at the International Mathematics Olympiad for students under 15 years old in Turkmenistan.

Nikola Vasilev, along with Kaloyan's fellow teammates, discussed their experiences, shedding light on the difficulties and...

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