Israel will one day pay the price for the atrocities: Erdoğan

Israel will one day pay the price for the atrocities it is committing against the Palestinians in Gaza, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, urging once again for a ceasefire and uninterrupted flow of humanitarian assistance to the civilians stranded in the enclave.

Erdoğan hosted Hamas Political Bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh and his delegation that included Khaleed Meshal over the weekend. Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and National Intelligence Organization (MİT) head İbrahim Kalın attended the meeting along with some other Turkish officials.

According to a statement by the Communications Directorate, the meeting addressed the continued Israel's attacks on Palestinian territories and what needs to be done to ensure adequate and uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and a fair and lasting peace process in the region.

Erdoğan urged a permanent ceasefire and underlined that "Türkiye continues its diplomatic efforts to draw the attention of the international community to the atrocities inflicted on the Palestinians."

"Pointing out that all the efforts are exerted to establish the independent State of Palestine, which is the key to regional peace, for bringing permanent peace to the region, Erdoğan expressed that Israel will one day pay the price for the atrocities it imposes on the Palestinians and that Türkiye will continue to speak out about the massacres in Gaza on every occasion," read the statement.

The Turkish president emphasized the importance of the unity of Palestinians, referring to unaccomplished talks between Hamas and al Fetih groups to form a unity government, and stressed that this would be "the most robust response to Israel and the way to victory go through unity and integrity."

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