The speaker needs to get a life

Pro-Palestinian protesters rest on the steps leading to Hamilton Hall on the campus of Columbia University in New York hours after after fellow protesters seized the building on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The students who took over Hamilton Hall on Tuesday could be charged with a range of offenses, but they are unlikely to face jail time, according to a legal expert. [Bing Guan/The New York Times]

In the ever-deepening confoundment of the Palestinian-Israeli war, the protests now igniting on US college campuses offer little enlightenment other than to further testify to the extent to which this seemingly remote regional conflict is infiltrating much of American cultural and political life. I am rather unhopeful about campus protests, even as I strongly support students' right and need to collectively express themselves upon issues they feel strongly about. At best they help keep an issue alive; at worse they muddy the issues and don't finally make much happen.

All I know is that Israel suffered a brutal and criminal and murderous assault on its citizens and civic life; and Israel is now exacting a brutal and criminal and murderous assault on Palestine and Palestinians, the lion's share of whom are not members of Hamas and have done nothing wrong. Only an immediate...

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