Ukraine Halts Russian Advance in Kharkiv with New American Weapons

Eleven days after the Russian offensive began in the northern part of the Kharkiv region, it has now been halted. The Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully repelled the Russian troops thanks to recent arms deliveries from the United States, according to Julian Röpke, a reputable OSINT analyst from the German publication Bild.

"In the direction of the village of Lyptsi, the Russian forces remain in the same border villages they captured in the first three days. In the Volchansk region, fighting continues for the town, but there has been little or no advance in its surroundings," reports Bild.

The publication attributes this to Ukraine's deployment of new American weapons, including GLSDB bombs, Javelins, and 155-mm artillery shells.

Additionally, American weapons have also reached the front lines in the Donetsk region, Bild notes.

"On Monday, May 20, the Russian forces lost 67 armored vehicles in Ukraine. However, the Russian command continues to send troops into what are effectively suicide missions," the publication states.

Earlier, Reuters reported that Ukrainian soldiers in the Kharkiv region finally received the necessary ammunition to halt the Russian advance.

The New York Times adds that the Ukrainian military in the area has adopted a strategy of slow retreat to stronger positions. This defensive tactic of incremental withdrawals has allowed the smaller Ukrainian forces to inflict significant losses on the aggressors.

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