Warm Weather Continues in Bulgaria, Summer Approaches Says Climatologist

From Friday, the warming trend in Bulgaria will continue, and by June 10, temperatures will rise even further. Climatologist Prof. Georgi Rachev mentioned that after Sunday, air conditioners will be needed for cooling.

Over the weekend, temperatures will exceed 30 degrees, with minimum temperatures also increasing, signaling the arrival of summer. In Sandanski, it will be 20 degrees early in the morning next week Rachev predicted.

Despite the warming trend, the atmosphere will be unstable tomorrow and Thursday, with limited precipitation expected. If you encounter a cloud, it might bring some rain, the climatologist explained.

Sea water temperatures are around 20 degrees, making it suitable for beach activities by noon, according to Prof. Rachev.

He concluded that May has been rainy and cool, but summer will arrive in a few days.

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