News archive of July 2018

Debt 'unsustainable' after 2038, argues IMF

The International Monetary Fund is insisting on the need for pension cuts from 2019 and that the labor reforms not be reversed despite the government's plans. It is also worried about the prospect of elections in 2019, warning that there is no scope for handouts.

Stournaras says markets will punish Greece if it backtracks

The markets are waiting to see whether Greece remains committed to its promised reforms after the bailout program ends on August 20, and will punish the country if it backtracks on its pledges, central banker Yannis Stournaras warned in an interview with the Financial Times published on Tuesday.

Thirteen people hospitalized after Rhodes shootout

Police on the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes launched an investigation after 13 people were hospitalized early Tuesday with gunshot wounds sustained during a shootout outside a Roma camp, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency reported.

Mitsotakis insists heads must roll

The war of words between the government and opposition conservatives continued on Tuesday with New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis calling out Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras over the fact that no one has resigned over last week's deadly wildfires.

Debts to state keep growing, topping 101 bln at end-June

Taxpayers' expired arrears to the state soared to 5.19 billion euros in the first half of the year - that is before the heavy tax obligations started in July. At the same time, the monitoring mechanism has been confiscating or freezing about 360 bank accounts per day, although it is increasingly finding empty accounts.

Loukoumaki the dog recovers from Greek wildfire

Loukoumaki the dog cowered in a corner for two days until he was found by animal rescuers in the ashen devastation of Mati in Greece, traumatized and seemingly unable to move.

The white poodle-cross was found singed yellow from the smoke and flames of the wildfires and had difficulty breathing.

ATHEX: Stocks edge higher on increased turnover

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) registered its highest daily turnover in 22 sessions following the publication of the International Monetary Fund's Article IV report on Tuesday, although there was a mixed overall picture for local stocks, with mid-caps sliding.

The ATHEX general index ended at 761.23 points, adding 0.40 percent to Monday's 758.18 points.

After Greek fire kills scores, politicians' gloves come off

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accused the opposition on Tuesday of exploiting one of the country's worst ever natural disasters in a deepening political row over the deaths of at least 91 people in a fire.

Maroussi municipality accused of indifference after floods

The mayor of the northern Athens suburb of Maroussi, Giorgos Patoulis, has accused Attica Regional Governor Rena Dourou of "lies and inaccuracy" after she accused the municipality of not taking the necessary preventive measures before last week's floods.

Ancient inscription found on marble slab stashed in bag of rocks

An inscribed marble slab which was found and seized by authorities on Thursday on the island of Evia is, according to a local expert, of significant archaeological significance.

The slab was found, following a tip-off, by officers from the Attica Security Directorate's Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities.