News archive of July 2018

FYROM PM urges countrymen to approve name deal in referendum

The prime minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is urging his countrymen to vote in an upcoming referendum in favor of a deal with neighboring Greece that changes his country's name to "North Macedonia."

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, speaking in the capital of Skopje on Tuesday, said the Sept. 30 referendum is an opportunity for people to make a "historic decision."

Dionysus, Pan sculptures found at site of 2,100-year-old goddess Kybele in northern Turkey

Turkish archaelogists have announced a significant discovery in the Kurul Castle in the northern Turkish province of Ordu, hailing that more ancient items, including the sculptures of Dionysus and Pan, have been unearthed at the site where a 2,100-year-old marble mother goddess sculpture of Kybele was found in 2016. Click through for the story in photos...

Debate in Greece brewing over Thrace muftis

The coalition is, according to sources, poised to push through the retirement of two government-appointed muftis in the Greek border region of Western Thrace.

Muftis are Muslim legal experts who are empowered to give rulings on religious matters.

Suspected Gulenists arrested in Cyprus back to Turkey

Forty-five Turkish nationals, including suspected Gulenists and their families, were transported to Turkey on Monday following their detention by Turkish Cypriot police in Kyrenia over the weekend.

According to CNA News Agency, 19 ex-military officers, 9 women and 17 children, were all arrested in Kyrenia last Friday.

Belgrade police chief dismissed

According to media reports, Milic will now receive "a new high-ranking position with the state organs."

The reasons for his dismissal are currently unknown, and this comes on the heels of previous media reports that said such moves were to be expected in the Interior Ministry (MUP).

Apostolos Lavdas | Spetses | To August 5

The Kapopoulos Fine Arts Gallery on Spetses is currently showing an exhibition of works by Greek artist Apostolos Lavdas. Born in Piraeus in 1940, Lavdas studied painting in Brussels and Paris. Expressionistic in style, his richly colorful works mainly focus on the human figure, often suggesting movement, with subjects including runners, cyclists, birds and butterflies.