News archive of August 2018

Games with the FYROM name issue?

It has often been said that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is deliberately trying to make life difficult for the next government.

Rivers of life threatened by multiple calamities

It starts like all classical tales - mystical and ethereal. The crystal-clear river pool is the site of the Sanctuary of Pamisos, an underwater temple in the Peloponnese. It is a cool and tranquil haven in summer. With reeds waving under the surface like nymphs' tendrils, it is easy to imagine it as a place of healing in ancient times.

Time to right a wrong

The so-called Paraskevopoulos law (introduced in 2015 by the justice minister at the time, Nikos Paraskevopoulos) and other measures introduced by the leftist-led administration have undermined security by leading to the release from prison of major organized crime players, as well as dangerous criminals.

Initiative aims to create comprehensive record of Greece's cetaceans

A small aircraft set off on a very special mission off the southern coast of Crete on June 3, to zigzag over hundreds of square kilometers just 180 meters from the surface of the sea for four to eight hours a day, through the summer.

Residents want market removed due to fire concerns

Residents in the central Athens suburb of Metz are reportedly demanding the removal of the weekly open-air "laiki" market due to fire safety concerns.

Residents claim that the market's operation on Archimidous Street every Friday blocks fire truck access to the pine-clad Ardittos Hill surrounding the historic Panathenaic Stadium.

Varna: Positive Test Result for African Swine Fever in Tutrakantsi

Varna. The result of the tested samples for African swine fever in the Provadia village of Tutrakantsi is positive, Focus Radio has reported from a press conference in the Varna regional administration. This is the first outbreak of African swine fever in Bulgaria.

Edvin Marton promising spectacular performance at Cerbul de Aur

Composer and violinist Edvin Marton of Hungary is promising a spectacular act on Saturday as he goes onstage at the Cerbul de Aur - Golden Stag International Competitive Music Festival with his famous Stradivarius that dates back to 1699.

Marton is also part of the jury who will decide the winners of this year's Golden Stag Trophy.

China's Zijin to Take Over Serbian Copper Giant

China's Zijin will take a 63-per-cent share of Serbia's failing copper giant RTB Bor in return for offering a 1.26 billion US dollar business and investment plan that includes not laying off any of the 5,000 workers, the Serbian goverment said on Friday.

ATHEX: August closes with 4.1 pct loss for bourse

August ended with losses of 4.15 percent for the Greek stock market's benchmark, while banks fell over 14 percent, as Friday saw another session of decline albeit with the highest turnover of the last three months, mainly thanks to the rebalancing of the MSCI index.