News archive of August 2018

Vucic to Keefe - "Serbia won't be humiliated"

Vucic pointed this out in a meeting with the UK Ambassador to Serbia in Belgrade, Denis Keefe concerning the current state of the Belgrade - Pristina dialogue.

The two collocutors also discussed bilateral relationship, situation in the region and the results of the Western Balkans Summit in London.

Court orders South Africa to recognise Muslim marriages

A court in South Africa ordered the government on Friday to change the law to formally recognise Muslim marriage for the first time to avoid being in breach of the constitution.

Tilted ferry gradually returning to upward position, says minister

A passenger ferry moored at Piraeus that tilted 7 degrees on Friday due to the uneven distribution of weight is gradually being restored to its upward position, Deputy Shipping Minister Nektarios Santorinios said on Friday.

Chinese company to take over RTB Bor

The Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic explained that the Chinese company submitted the best binding bid in the amount of $1 billion and 260 million out of which $350 million would go to mandatory monetary capital increase.

The company's obligations also include keeping all 5,000 workers and providing additional $200 million for previous debts.

Ancient razorblade found in Domuztepe

Archaeological works in the southern province of Kahramanmaraş's Domuztepe Mound have unearthed an 8,000-year-old tool made of obsidian stone, believed to have been used as a razorblade, along with a spinner.