Thessaloniki also known as Thessalonica, Salonika or Salonica, is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the region of Macedonia. Greeks consider it like συμπρωτεύουσα (the associated-capital) of the Northern Greece. Indeed, Thessaloniki was already the largest city of the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople.

Country: Greece Population: 385 406

Greek woman arrested in Ryanair flight for smoking in toilet

A 28-year-old Greek woman was arrested for lighting up a cigarette in the toilet of the aircraft during a flight from London to Thessaloniki on Wednesday morning.

She was arrested upon her arrival at the northern Greek city's airport by police on charges she violated the express orders of the airplane's captain.

Greek Prosecutors Widen Criminal Probe into Deadly Train Crash

Photo: People lght candles in honor of the 57 victims of Greece's deadliest train crash, during a protest in front of Parliament in Athens, Greece, 03 March 2023. The collision between a passenger train traveling north and a freight train traveling south on the same line occurred on 28 February night. EPA-EFE/GEORGE VITSARAS

New centers for tax debt collection in Athens and Thessaloniki

The tax authorities are increasing the pressure on state debtors through the creation of two new Centers for Certification and Collection of Debts (KEBEIS) in Athens and Thessaloniki as it accelerates the procedures for debt certification and collection.

When the two centers are launched, the judicial departments at all tax offices will be abolished.

Coming up short, again

We wake up once more asking ourselves: "How did this happen?" And again we hear of tragic shortages and oversights. As the head of the union of drivers at Hellenic Train SA, Kostas Genidounias, lamented on Wednesday: "Nothing works; everything is done manually. Even the light signals don't work. If they did, the drivers would have seen the red signals and stopped in time."