Country: Albania
Tiranë District
Population: 418 495

Year in Pictures: 2020 in the Balkans and Central Europe

BIRN presents its selection of photos of some of the events and processes that marked a difficult year.

Battle Goes on With Deadly Virus

A medical worker wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attends a patient at the Covid-19 hospital in Belgrade, Serbia, 18 December 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/MARKO DJOKOVIC.

Albania Street Clashes Continue Despite Interior Minister’s Resignation

Albania protester threw a stone against police in this photo of 10 December 2020 in Tirana. Photo: LSA

Prime Minister Edi Rama dismissed suggestions that the fatal shooting of the unarmed citizen was a result of a police culture of violence and called the event "an isolated one" - while announcing that Interior Minister Sander Lleshaj had offered his resignation.

"I didn't want to be prime minister at all, I'm an artistic soul"

"I have always preferred the life of an artist, painter and professor of fine arts, so much so that I never had ambitions to be prime minister," Rama told French "Forbes", as the Exit portal reports.
He said that he hesitated for a long time to enter politics when he was offered a ministerial position, but that he wanted to do something for his country.

Lajcak in Pristina for a "second time"

His flight from Zurich to Tirana yesterday was canceled.
Lajcak wrote on his Twitter account that after yesterday's complications with the trip, the international community took action and is now on the road, thanks to the Swiss army.
"I am looking forward to the official start of my visit to Kosovo later today," Lajcak wrote.