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Eels travel from Mexico to Turkish waters to reproduce

Eels travel from Mexico to Turkish waters for 7,000 kilometers to reproduce.

Coming to the world in Mexico's Sargasso Bay, eels reach Bafa Lake in the southwestern province of Muğla after traveling for three years. After spending some time in the lake, they start to travel back to where they originally came from.

At least 65 migrants pushed back by Greece rescued

The Turkish Coast Guard rescued a total of 65 asylum seekers off Muğla and Aydın provinces in 24 hours.

Turkish coast guard units rescued 46 irregular migrants in two different locations off the coasts of Marmaris district in the Aegean province of Muğla after they were pushed back into Turkey's territorial waters by the Greek authorities.

Swordfish caught in Istanbul Strait after 50 years

Fishermen have caught a swordfish in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait after approximately half a century since it was last seen in Turkish waters.

"It is good news to learn that an endangered species is seen in Istanbul Strait," Nuray Erkan, a professor from Istanbul University's Hydrology Faculty, told the daily Milliyet on Oct. 15.

2,000-year-old altar found near northwestern Çanakkale

A 2,000-year-old altar has been unearthed in northwestern Turkey near the town of Ezine in Çanakkale province, archeologists said on Oct. 9.

A hall with a podium, temple, odium, and bathhouse were among the remains that have survived to the present day in the ancient city of Alexandria Troas, an area near the Aegean Sea.

Greece says EU must abide by its migration commitments to Turkey

Europeans must honor their commitments to Turkey as part of a migration deal signed in 2016, the Greek minister for migration and asylum said on Oct. 4. 

Notis Mitarachi said the EU-Turkey migration deal must be implemented by both sides to manage the refugee flows and stem illegal trafficking in the Aegean Sea.

Festival in US capital offers taste of Turkish culture

Thousands of people gathered on Oct. 3 in Washington, D.C. for an annual event that offers a sampling of Turkish culture, food and music.

The 19th Annual Turkish Festival, organized by the American Turkish Association of Washington D.C., included live music, folk dance performances, fortune telling and cultural events.