EPP Group

EPP Group Chairman Urges Formation of Center-Right Gov't

European People's Party Group Chair Joseph Daul met leaders of conservative GERB party and right-wing Reformist Bloc, but also two parties to the left of the political spectrum.

During his visit to the Bulgarian capital on Tuesday Sofia Daul called on political parties to forge a center-right government.

Romanian MEP Adina Valean, EPP candidate for EP vice president

Romanian MEP Adina Valean (of the National Liberal Party, PNL) was elected by the European People's Party (EPP) as candidate, alongside other five MEPs, for vice president of the European Parliament (EP).

The other five candidates of the EPP Group are Rainer Wieland, Antonio Tajani, Ramon Valcarcel, Ildiko Gall and Mairead McGuinness.

MEP Mariya Gabriel Becomes EPP Group Deputy Chair

Bulgarian MEP Mariya Gabriel, who won in May a second term in the European Parliament, has been elected Deputy Chair of the European People's Party (EPP) group.

The announcement was made in a message by the EPP Group on Wednesday, days after Gabriel became the head of GERB's delegation into the European Parliament.