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EU answer to W Balkan issues, Pahor tells Munich conference

Munich – President Borut Pahor took part in a panel debate on the Western Balkans at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, arguing the EU enlargement process should be stepped up and offering the EU as the answer to all the issues troubling the region.

Albania Urged to Ban Glorification of Communist Regime

The Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture NGO launched a petition on Thursday evening in Tirana which will be presented to parliament calling for legislation to curb the enduring influence of dictator Enver Hoxha's former Communist regime.

Albania President Wins Constitutional Battle to Stay in Office

Albania's President, Ilir Meta, will end his mandate in office after winning a Constitutional Court battle with the ruling Socialist Party, which dismissed him via a vote in parliament nine months ago.

In a verdict on Wednesday, the Court said the accusations made against Meta "do not constitute serious violation of the constitution".

More Countries in the Red Zone for Entering Bulgaria (Full List)

As of Thursday, February 17, the list of countries by color zones is updated, according to which the order of entry into Bulgaria is determined.

The red zone will include France, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, the Maldives, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Japan and others.

Albanian Film Tells Stories of Suffering Under Communist Rule

A new documentary entitled 'Tirona's Unyielding Gentlemen', which tells the stories of the suffering of some of the Albanian capital's most prominent figures during the Communist period, was screened for the first time at the Millennium Cinema in Tirana on Friday.

German Diplomat Criticises Renovation of Nazi Ally’s House in Kosovo

The German ambassador to Pristina, Joern Rohde, said on Monday that he is "very concerned" about the renovation of the former house of "known Nazi collaborator" Xhafer Devi in the northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica.

"No history whitewashing! Don't distort the truth about the Holocaust or war crimes committed by the Nazis and local collaborators," Rohde wrote on Twitter.

Mayor Accused of Using Threats to Shape Albania Football Election

The Albanian Football Federation, FSHF, the country's football governing body, has accused Erion Veliaj, Socialist Party Mayor of Tirana, of using threats against board members ahead of a vote for the head of the Federation.

Kosovo Defends New COVID-19 Measures for Visitors Against Backlash

Kosovo will not withdraw its decision to demand three COVID-19 vaccine doses or two doses together with a negative PCR test for foreigners entering the country or for citizens who have spent more than 12 hours abroad, despite complaints from people and businesses in the region who frequently pass the border.

Bulgaria: From Today Changes in the List of Countries falling into the Red Zone

As of today, 20 January, citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, Israel, Turkey, and Serbia, and members of their families arriving from a Member State of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Republic of North Macedonia, Israel, Turkey, and Serbia are a

Saz: Ancient Instrument’s Epic Journey From Central Asia to the Balkans

Nachtmanova may have met relatively late with Saz in the Berlin suburbs populated by many Turks and Kurds from Turkey, but in a short time has become popular for her enthusiasm for Turkish bardic culture and Saz - and of course for her crystalline voice.