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Albanians Raised in Communist Labour Camp Recall Lost Childhood

"I'm realising over time that what I'm doing is a cleansing, a spiritual catharsis, and I was very young at the time of that system, I wasn't even a member of any [Communist] organisation, nothing. But it is your duty, it is your obligation to the history of your country," he insisted.

Albanian MPs Approve Resolution Honouring Srebrenica Victims

MPs in the Albanian parliament voted unanimously on Thursday to support a resolution honouring the victims of the Srebrenica genocide, ahead of the anniversary next week of the July 1995 massacres of some 8,000 Bosniak men and boys by Bosnian Serb forces.

The resolution also declares July 11, when annual commemorations are held in Bosnia, as a day of remembrance in Albania.

Festival founded by Dua Lipa’s father decamps from Kosovo

An international music festival founded by the father of singer-songwriter Dua Lipa to promote his native Kosovo has led to recriminations for the small European country after it lost the event to neighboring Albania.

Albanian Film Tells Stories of Suffering Under Communist Rule

A new documentary entitled 'Tirona's Unyielding Gentlemen', which tells the stories of the suffering of some of the Albanian capital's most prominent figures during the Communist period, was screened for the first time at the Millennium Cinema in Tirana on Friday.

Skanderbeg Portraits Over the Centuries Exhibited in Pristina

Through 65 works of European and Albanian artists painted over the centuries, the life and work of Skanderbeg are recreated and revealed.

The artists portrayed his figure using a variety of materials, from paper to polymarble. This exhibition also consists of manuscripts, maps, engravings, lithographs, paintings, sculptures, mosaics, coins, medals and postage stamps.

Ancient Greek tragedy ‘Medea’ on stage

Under the direction of the world-famous Albanian artist Adonis Filipi, the İzmir State Theater's actors are rehearsing to present the play "Medea," which was first staged in 432 B.C., to the audience.

Written by Euripides, the ancient Greek tragedy "Medea" will meet the audience again in modern halls, ancient theaters and international festivals in İzmir.

Bulgaria Returns to Junior Eurovision Song Contest

BNT will once again enable Bulgarians around the world and in our country to become involved in the manifestation of our children's talents at the prestigious Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The public television will broadcast the grand finale from Paris on December 19.

Tear Gas Attack Hits Goran Bregovic Concert in Albania

Police said on Monday that they have arrested a 21-year-old man for setting off tear gas at a concert by Bosnian-born musician Goran Bregovic and his band at a festival in the city of Korca which had been opposed by Albanian nationalists over his alleged role in the Kosovo conflict.