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NATO acknowledges Turkish aid to Bosnia

NATO's strategic military command on April 9 acknowledged Turkey for sending aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina among other Balkan countries, saying "we are stronger together."
"Turkey provided aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist in the fight against #COVID19," the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) said on Twitter.

BIRN Fact-Check: When Did Serbia Order All Arrivals to Self-Isolate?

The measures imposed by the authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19 have been tightened up several times since they were first imposed in mid-March. The changes have been announced at special press conferences, usually in the evening, and then published in the Official Gazette, often with slight alterations.

Official: Bulgaria Closed its Borders

From midnight Bulgaria officially closed its borders to third countries at all border checkpoints, no matter what the vehicles are.

The measure effectively applies to our borders with Turkey, Northern Macedonia and Serbia and will remain in force until April 17th. An important clarification is that this ban does not affect nationals of EU Member States and their families.

How Multi-ethnic is Kosovo?

Ever since it broke away from Serbia, Kosovo has come under pressure to preserve its multi-ethnic character. But minority communities still struggle to exercise their rights.

Kosovo Leaders Feud Over COVID-19 Outbreak in North

Reports of an outbreak of new COVID-19 cases in Serb-run northern Kosovo have sparked in-fighting among politicians in Kosovo and accusations of negligence.

On Sunday, the main hospital in the Serb-run north, in the divided town of Mitrovica, confirmed 26 cases in the three northern municipalities of Mitrovica North, Zvecan and Leposavic.

Twitter shutters anti-Turkey Saudi, Egyptian accounts

Twitter said on April 2 it shut down thousands of accounts linked to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, several of which were involved in a smear campaign critical of Turkey and the Turkish government.

Week in Review: Making Sense of the World Around Us


While the world is gripped by news of the coronavirus' destructive spread, in Kosovo the fall of the Kurti government - and all the political and diplomatic wrangling which has come with it - competes for the attention of journalists and analysts.

Kosovo Decision to Partly Scrap Tariffs Leaves Serbia Unmoved

Serbia has given a grudging response to the Kosovo government's decision on Tuesday to lift the 100-per-cent tariff imposed on imports from Serbia and Bosnia - fully removing the tariff for Bosnia while replacing tariffs more gradually with Serbia in line with a new principle of reciprocity.

Serbian Govt Takes Control of Information Flow About Pandemic

All local crisis headquarters and medical institutions in Serbia must send any information about the coronavirus pandemic to the central Crisis Staff led by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic - which will then inform the public about anything regarding COVID-19, the government in Belgrade has decided.

Coronavirus is Not the Only Disease Afflicting the Balkans

Vucic was hardly a liberal, democratic, pro-European figure to begin with, so pronouncements about the demise of European solidarity from a man who spent most of the 1990s and 2000s in the ranks of the Serbian ultra-nationalist movement, and who was Slobodan Milosevic's Minister of Information, should be taken with a moose-sized saltlick.

Vucic: Within 3 to 4 days, the decision on a 24-hour curfew

"If I said I feel good, I wouldn't be completely honest, if I said I feel bad, I wouldn't motivate people", he answered at the beginning of the show when asked how he felt.
"I am happy if I sometimes bring discomfort, in a situation like this, it is my job," the President said, explaining that he had been given a role of "a bad cop."