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Serbian Reporter Targeted after President Taken Ill

A Serbian journalist who publicly confronted President Aleksandar Vucic with allegations of government corruption has found himself the target of a storm of criticism by presidential aides, allies and pro-government media after Vucic was hospitalised with heart problems hours after their exchange.

It is in Russia's interest that Kosovo issue remains unresolved?

This was stated in an interview with Radio Free Europe by Maxim Samorukov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Carnegie Moscow Center.
As he claims, when it comes to Russia's ambitions to engage in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, "Russia has an interest in not resolving the issue, thus the statements by Russian officials about reaching a final settlement can be seen as ambiguous".

Turkish Threat over ISIS Fighters Poses Challenge for Balkans

Burak Bilgehan Ozpek, a professor of international relations at Ankara's TOBB University, said that, like the issue of Syrian refugees and their flow through Turkey to the European Union, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would use the ISIS fighters as leverage for Western acquiescence to his policy on neighbouring Syria.

President Vucic admitted to the Military Medical Academy

According to the General Secretariat of the President of the Republic of Serbia, he was admitted to the Military Medical Academy yesterday afternoon, November 15, due to cardiovascular problems.

New elections on Kosovo and Metohija?

The entry of the Social-Democratic Initiative-New Kosovo Alliance coalition into the Kosovo Parliament and the reduction of the number of MPs to the two leading parties - Vetvendosje and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) - present new set of circumstances.

For Kosovo, England Match More than Just Football

While Sterling and Co were met with monkey chants and Nazi salutes from the terraces in Sofia, Bulgaria, last month, they face being feted as heroes by the home fans in Kosovo on Sunday, where Britain remains revered for its role in 11 weeks of NATO air strikes that drove out Serbian forces two decades ago and for its work in cementing Kosovo statehood since the territory declared independence

North Macedonia PM: Working with Russia ‘Not an Alternative to EU’

Zoran Zaev told a Russia-North Macedonia economic forum in Skopje on Thursday that the event and the reactivation of an inter-governmental commission on trade with Russia do not mean that his country is seeking an alternative to Euro-Atlantic integration.

EU Enlargement Nominee Eyes 2020 Serbia-Kosovo Deal

Hungary's candidate for the post of European Union enlargement commissioner set out an ambitious plan for integration of the Balkan region before the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee on Thursday, including a target of 2020 to broker a deal to settle relations between Serbia and its former southern province, Kosovo.

Vucic made a decision not to travel to Zagreb, he enclosed a letter with rationale

President Vucic was invited to the EPP Congress as the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).
According to Blic, Vucic sent a letter to EPP President, Joseph Daul, containing rationale for his decision.
Here's integral version of the letter:
"Dear President Daul, my dear friend,

"Mini Schengen" deepens divisions between Kosovo and Albania?

As they say, dozens of agreements signed between Kosovo and Albania survive on paper only, with experts blaming the authorities of both countries for their unwillingness to strengthen ties, Zeri daily writes, KoSSev reports.

Kosovo Warns Council of Europe about Russian Rapporteur Candidate

Kosovo's outgoing foreign minister, Behgjet Pacolli, has warned the Council of Europe it will refuse to cooperate with Russian senator Aleksei Kondratev if he is appointed as the rights body's Parliamentary Assembly rapporteur for talks between Belgrade and Pristina.

Reports in Kosovo say Kondratev is in line for the job, drawing swift condemnation from Pacolli via Twitter.

Response to Edi Rama: He is the president of a country called Albania

Maloku commented on a meeting that took place on Sunday between Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in Ohrid. For him, it was a play that posed no danger to Kosovo, but it was meaningless until the participating countries recognize Kosovo.