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Serbia celebrates Slavic Literacy and Culture Day

This date became a national holiday after the Serbian government adopted a bill amending the Law on State and Other Holidays in the Republic of Serbia, Blic recalls.

NATO Admiral: Compromise Needed for Kosovo-Serbia Deal

Admiral James Foggo, commander of NATO's Allied Joint Force Command, told BIRN that "compromise and sacrifice" are necessary on both sides in order to broker a final agreement to normalise relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Further strengthening of cooperation with Europ

The Serbian government adopted today the Bill on the confirmation of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Tunisia on the replacement and use of driving licenses.

Vucic: It would be easy to criticize Schroeder

The conference gathers leading world innovators, scientists, business leaders and artists, who are presenting the ideas of the new era in an inspirational way.

Bulgarian ‘Coal Emperor’ Behind Compensation Claim against Serbia

"He invested around 110 million euros in Serbia and he lost all that money," Milan Radunovic told BIRN. "He wanted to go to court because our government cancelled the agreement for the coalmine without any reason."

Kovachki's office in Sofia did not respond to a request for comment. Nor did the Serbian government.

Political party connections

Thaci again pokes Belgrade in the eye

Novosti write that he announced he would present at the talks hosted by French President Emamnuel Macron the idea that Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja join the "territory of the Republic of Kosovo." It would, he considers, be "correcting the historical injustice," Novosti reports.

EU's Frontex deploys guard teams on Greek-Albanian border

Teams of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, or Frontex, are joining Albania's police to patrol its land and sea borders for migrants and crime.

European Union Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and Frontex head Fabrice Leggeri were in Tirana on Tuesday to launch "the first ever joint operation on the territory of a neighboring non-EU country."

Western Diplomats Raise Concerns about Democracy in North Kosovo

The US, French, German, Italian and British embassies in Pristina - known collectively as the Quint group - issued a statement on Monday expressing worries about "restricted electoral competition" at mayoral elections in Serb-majority north Kosovo on May 19.