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Famous Bosnian Actor’s Passing Draws Tributes Across Region

Politicians, actors and public figures across the former Yugoslavia are paying tribute to the famous Bosnian actor Mustafa Nadarevic who died on Sunday after a long battle with illness at the age of 77.

Sefik Dzaferovic, the Bosniak member of the state presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, called Nadarevic's death a great loss for Bosnian culture.

COVID-19 Worsening Environment for Media Freedom, Report Warns

Albanian journalists and cameramen reporting about the COVID-19 pandemic in Tirana, on March 30, 2020. Photo: LSA

The report, "Attacks on media in Europe Must Not Become the New Normal", states that about 140 alerts were filed with the platform during 2019, including 103 from Turkey, 21 from Serbia and 11 from Albania.

Three orchestras to perform live together

Following the closure of theaters due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Serbian National Theater Novi Sad has found a way to continue meeting with its audience and support other nations, health professionals, those who have lost relatives and those who are still struggling to survive.

"Worst day for Serbia, seven more dead" VIDEO

He said seven new coronavirus deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours, with 115 newly infected.
Stevanovic said the days ahead might be tougher, so he finished a news conference and announced that he was going to a clinic to help his colleagues.

UPB students gain four medals at SEEMOUS 2020

Students at the Automatics and Computers Faculty of the Politechnica University of Bucharest gained four medals, one gold and three silver, at SEEMOUS - a maths competition for Southeast Europe, with international participation, which took place between March 3 and 8 in Greece, in Thessaloniki.

Montenegro Opposition Wants Broadcaster’s Management Sacked Over Amfilohije Film

Parliamentarians in Montenegro from the main opposition Democratic Front, DF, have demanded the resignation of the management of the public broadcaster, RTCG, 

They made the call after RTCG broadcasted a documentary about the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the country, Metropolitan Amfilohije. 

Serbia Mourns Journalism Legend Dragoljub Zarkovic

Dragoljub Zarkovic, who died on Wednesday, was part of a generation of Serbian anti-war journalists that witnessed and reported on a most difficult time for the country.

Romania takes over BSEC chairmanship-in-office

On January 1, 2020 Romania took over the chairmanship-in-office of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organisation (BSEC), with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) taking over the chairmanship-in-office of the BSEC Business Council for six months.

Vucic: "Good luck, Johnny!" PHOTO

This film, starring the famous American actor Johnny Depp, was filmed last year in Serbia.
In March 2018, President Vucic visited the film crew and on that occasion, he spoke with Johnny Depp about the promotion of Serbia through film projects.

Balkan Insight in 2019: Stories That Mattered Most

Kosovo and Serbia stayed away from the dialogue table, while people in Kosovo said it was time for change and handed an election victory to opposition parties. A new wave of elections is before us in 2020, starting with Croatia, which elects a president on January 5.

Serbian Journalist Barred from Entering United Arab Emirates

Stevan Dojcinovic, the editor at Serbia's Crime and Corruption Reporting Network, KRIK, was held at the airport in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday morning after being prevented from entering the United Arab Emirates, where he had been scheduled to speak at a major UN anti-corruption event.