Financial Administration

Revenue service seizes 11 tones of tobacco in record bust

Ljubljana – Financial Administration officers have discovered 11 tones of loose tobacco hidden inside 75 foil wrapped cardboard boxes in a lorry with Slovenian license plates in what is a record such bust. The Financial Administration (FURS) hit upon the illegal cargo on Tuesday as its staff inspected a lorry operated by two foreign nationals who were without an employment contract.

Proposal on cryptocurrency tax amended

Ljubljana – Only a day after putting out a proposal on taxation of trading in cryptocurrencies, the Financial Administration (FURS) said it will amend the proposal amid a strong response from stakeholders to give taxpayers the option to chose between paying tax either on the profits they make or as a percentage of the cryptocurrency they cash in.

FURS proposes special tax on cryptocurrencies

Ljubljana – The Financial Administration (FURS) has proposed changing how income from cryptocurrencies is being taxed so that a 10% tax rate would be imposed when the cryptocurrency is spent or turned into cash.

The administration proposes the tax, at a rate of 10%, be paid on the amount of cryptocurrency turned into another currency or spent for goods or services.

MPs pass stimulus package for tourism

Ljubljana – The National Assembly passed on Wednesday an emergency bill worth EUR 243.5 million to help the embattled tourism sector. The short-time work scheme has been extended and new holiday vouchers introduced. The opposition warned that the measures, which are this time aimed at the most affected sectors, came too late and were insufficient.

Access to digital identity eased to facilitate certificate launch

Ljubljana – In order to expand the use of digital Covid certificates once they enter into force, the government is expanding the number of points where residents will be able to get their digital identity, Public Administration Minister Boštjan Koritnik told the press on Thursday.

TEŠ case trial to begin after decade-long investigation

Celje – After a decade-long investigation, corruption trial will start in the case of a EUR 1.4 billion generator project at the Šoštanj coal-fired power station TEŠ. Twelve individuals and two legal entities face charges on multiple counts. The arraignment is scheduled for Friday.

Hospitality and tourism to get EUR 36m to keep afloat

Ljubljana – The SPIRIT agency issued on Thursday a second call for micro, small and medium-sized tourism and hospitality companies for the co-funding of operating costs in the first wave of the epidemic in spring 2020. EUR 36.2 million is available and over 6,000 companies are expected to apply, with the aid to be paid out at the end of June.