Darko Saric

Saric pleads not guilty

BELGRADE - The most wanted drug lord from the Balkans, Darko Saric, appeared for the first time before the Special Court in Belgrade on Monday and denied that he, together with members of his ring, organized the trafficking of a total of 5.7 tons of cocaine from Latin America to Western Europe.

Darko Saric was arrested in a joint police operation of Serbia and Montenegro on March 18.

Suspected drug boss shows up in court, pleads "not guilty"

Suspected drug boss shows up in court, pleads "not guilty"

BELGRADE -- Darko Šarić on Monday appeared before the Special Court for Organized Crime in Belgrade for the first time and pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

"I do not feel guilty on any of the indictments. That is all a lie," he said.

Prosecutor: Discs documenting Saric's meetings not delivered

BELGRADE – Serbian Prosecutor for Organized Crime Miljko Radisavljevic has said that the Prosecutor's Office has not received discs which allegedly include footage of arrested drug lord Darko Saric's meetings with politicians, and it does not want to deal with any speculation, but rather only with evidence and facts.

Drug boss reportedly "angry at two politicians"

Drug boss reportedly "angry at two politicians"

BELGRADE -- Darko Šarić's lawyer Radoslav Bačević has told B92 that his client will reject the charges against him when he appears before the Special Court on Monday.

Šarić, a Montenegrin who has been given Serbian citizenship, is suspected of heading a drug smuggling gang and was arrested on Tuesday.