Joseph Biden

Smoke rising behind Capitol building - Biden inauguration rehearsal interrupted VIDEO

The evacuation of those who participate in the inauguration rehearsal of Joseph Biden is in progress. The chief of the fire service said that the incident, which happened at 10.14 am local time, was related to a small fire, which was extinguished, CNN reports.
As he explained, it was a minimal incident that cannot be considered an incident.

Senators hamper Biden: Confirmation of presidential election might be delayed

Apparently, that may delay the official confirmation of the presidential election a bit, Deutsche Welle reports. The inauguration on January 20 is not in question.
On Wednesday, January 6, the American Congress should confirm the outcome of the presidential elections and the victory of Joseph Biden.

Ambassador Djuric: We want the United States to be a part of Serbia's recovery

Serbia is sincerely committed to opening an entirely new chapter in the relations with the United States and that commitment of ours is not determined by specific appointments in the White House. I hope that we will have an excellent cooperation and partner relations with the administration of the new President of the United States of America Joseph Biden.

"If the idea on demarcation between Serbia and Kosovo fails, there is no plan B"

He added that everything will depend on an agreement between the big players, including the US and EU, and an agreement reached by the leaders on the ground.
Carpenter believes that under current political situation in Serbia and Kosovo, it is unlikely that the idea of an exchange of territories might succeed.

"Dacic plans to interfere in US domestic politics"

"The Serbian Foreign Minister plans to interfere in US domestic politics by rallying Serbian Americans to support Trump in 2020", stated Michael Carpenter, former Foreign Policy Advisor of the US Vice President Joseph Biden, present candidate of the Democratic Party for the president, on his Twitter account, quoting Dacic's statement.

Joe Biden, John McCain, Mike Turner to receive medals from Montenegro

Montenegrin Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic will next week present medals to the former US Vice President Joseph Biden, Senator John McCain and Congressman Mike Turner because, as he stated, "of contribution to promotion of Montenegrin interests and strengthening of bilateral relations and international reputation and status of Montenegro".