Joseph Biden

General mobilization in Donetsk; "It's not a bluff"; Moscow ready to protect Russians

The evacuation of civilians continues in Donetsk and Luhansk in anticipation of an attack by Ukrainian forces. On the other hand, Kiev claims that it does not intend to attack Donbass. Ukraine claims that Russia is preparing for an invasion, which has been announced for days by the President of the United States and NATO leaders.

White House: Unlikely

U.S. President Joseph Biden told Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in a conversation that lasted about an hour, that the United States would respond quickly and decisively if Russia took further steps toward invasion, the White House said in a statement.

Russia announced - "We will fight back"

The New York Times announced on January 23, citing sources in the American administration, that the President of the USA, Joseph Biden, is considering the deployment of American troops, fighter planes and warships in the Baltic states in Eastern Europe.
According to the paper, the American administration is considering sending "several thousand" American soldiers.

Blinken warns immediately upon arrival: Possible attack

Blinken immediately warned that Russia could carry out the attack "in a very short time".
"As you all know, in the last few months we have been engaged in an intensive focus on Ukraine due to the significant accumulation of Russian forces we saw near the Ukrainian border," Blinken said in a conversation with Ukrainian diplomats at the US Embassy in Kiev, Reuters reports.

U.S. Ambassador: "Rest assured that we exert pressure on Pristina"

"We are following the situation in North Mitrovica very carefully. I have seen the statements of President Vui, Prime Minister Brnabi, Petar Petkovi, I am in contact with colleagues in Pritina, Quint's ambassadors here in Belgrade. Rest assured that we put strong pressure on Pritina and expect people to take responsibility for the actions", Godfrey said.