Joseph Biden

Netanyahu announced a turnaround: Maybe we should postpone...

This was said by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, adding that an absolute victory over Hamas could be achieved a few weeks after the offensive begins.
Netanyahu confirmed to CBS on Sunday that talks on a weeks-long ceasefire and the release of the hostages were ongoing, without giving further details.

Working behind Biden's back? "Joseph has not been informed"

"We do not believe that an operation, a major military operation, should continue in Rafah unless there is a clear and enforceable plan to protect these civilians, to move them to safe places, feed them, train them and house them," the White House adviser Sullivan told national security, reported Reuters.

The dark prognosis of a man who predicted the war in Ukraine and Gaza; "Catastrophe"

In an interview with the Swiss newspaper Neue Zrcher Zeitung, speaking about the choice between Joseph Biden and Donald Trump in the January elections and the question of who is better for the USA and the West, he said that American voters are facing a difficult decision.

"Netanyahu is lying, they are not even close"

Netanyahu wants to completely destroy Hamas, which many call unrealistic.
According to the newspaper, US Secret Service officials said in private conversations with members of the US Congress this week that the Israeli military has killed fewer Hamas fighters than Netanyahu claims, estimating that only about a third are armed members of the movement.

The number of wounded US soldiers is growing; Biden: We know who is behind the attack

It is likely to rise further as soldiers seek medical attention for symptoms related to traumatic brain injury, two US officials said.
They told CNN that the combat drone exploded near the premises where the American soldiers were housed.
US President Joseph Biden said the attack was carried out by "radical militant groups supported by Iran".

Donald is still wanted

Support for incumbent President Joseph Biden is at its lowest level for any president in 15 years.

The survey conducted by Ipsos for ABC News, based on a sample of 2,228 respondents, shows that Trump is far ahead of his Republican opponents in key popularity categories.

US military ready for war? The Biden administration made an urgent announcement

They cited four knowledgeable officials who asked to remain anonymous.
The portal says that some officials in Washington believe that the war in Gaza has escalated far beyond the borders of the Strip, a scenario that the US has been trying to avoid for months.