Joseph Biden

Turkey conditions NATO; Fierce fights in Severodonetsk; NATO drone over the Black Sea

At the extraordinary summit in Brussels, the leaders of the European Union reached an agreement on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which includes an embargo on oil imports, said the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Korea fired a ballistic missile: A provocation that cannot be tolerated

The launch of the North Korean rocket comes a day after U.S. President Joseph Biden completed his Asian tour during which he visited Seoul and Tokyo, according to Reuters.
This is the 17th ballistic test that North Korea has performed since the beginning of the year.
Earlier this month, Pyongyang launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine.

New American threat - there is no place for Serbia's balanced approach

This policy of balance will be the backbone of the new Serbian government, the formation of which will follow in the coming months, although especially from the western centers of power come covert but also open blackmail that our investments and access to money and European funds are endangered, but also to prepare for the potential attacks on Kosovo and Republika Srpska, if we do not turn our

It's been revealed who helped the Ukrainians to kill Russian generals and in what way

Ukrainian officials claim that they killed about 12 Russian generals on the battlefield, the text recalls.
The paper claims, referring to high U.S. officials, that the assistance in shooting at selected targets is part of the efforts of the administration of the President of the USA, Joseph Biden, to provide intelligence from the battlefield to Ukraine in real time.

Resolution adopted: Genocide

Rada recognizes Russian army's actions in Ukraine as genocide of Ukrainian people.
The rationale says: "The actions committed by the Russian armed forces are not just a crime of aggression, but pursue the goal of systematic and consistent destruction of the Ukrainian people, their identity and deprivation of their right to self-determination and independent development."

Kadyrov: "It would be better to end the resistance"; Russians are amassing troops

In the negotiations with the Russian Federation, Ukraine adheres to the Istanbul Communiqu and has not changed its positions, said the head of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation, David Arakhamia.
U.S. President Joseph Biden indirectly accused Vladimir Putin of genocide.

Russian and American smiling next to each other: it's possible only in Belgrade PHOTO

He attended the commemoration of the victims of the bombing of Belgrade in April 1941, which was held at the New Cemetery in the Alley of the Victims of the Bombing of Belgrade.
On that occasion, the U.S. Ambassador stood right next to the Russian Ambassador Alexander Botsan Kharchenko.

War negotiations' meeting place known. Urgent notification of Ukrainian intelligence

The UN Security Council has decided to convene a rare special emergency session of the UN General Assembly on Russia's attack on Ukraine. It will take place today.
The press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Anatoly Glaz, announced that the delegations of Russia and Ukraine are expected to arrive at the place of negotiations in Belarus.

Today, Macron and Vučić to discuss Ukraine and the Balkans

Topics of discussion will encompass the crisis in Eastern Europe and the situation in the Western Balkans. In the last few days, Macron has taken on the role of mediator in an attempt to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.
Yesterday, Macron talked on the phone with Vladimir Putin for almost two hours, and immediately afterwards with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.