Joseph Biden

EU: We will not follow Biden in the Western Balkans

On the occasion of the executive order of the President of the USA, Joseph Biden, on the expansion of emergency measures in the Western Balkans, the officials in Brussels say that the EU has its obligations towards partners in the region, and that sanctions are not part of the current European policy in the Western Balkans.

US warning: Biden is considering all options, including a possible military response?

U.S. administration officials have announced that they will strengthen the resistance and intensify the pressure on cyber attackers, whether it is about companies or enemies from abroad.
They also warned that U.S. President Joseph Biden was considering all options, including a military response.

Trump leaves with the lowest rating

Namely, his work is supported by only 34 percent of Americans, according to the results of the Gallup poll.
The agency reminds that Trump's average rating during the mandate was 41 percent, which is four percent less than all his predecessors since Gallup started collecting data, the AFP agency reported on its Twitter account.