Joseph Biden

Grenell published series of photos; "Balkan citizens deserve better U.S. President"

Former US President Donald Trump's envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina wrote on Twitter that the huge failure of the team of current President Joseph Biden is that it neglected the results achieved by the Trump administration in the Balkans.

Everything's ready: Belgrade welcomes Angela Merkel, security measures revealed PHOTO

Preparations for her reception are nearing the end, and as part of this visit, the flags of Germany and Serbia were set up at the Genex building in New Belgrade, from the direction of the "Nikola Tesla" Airport, so that this would be the first sign of welcome for the German Chancellor.

China sent a strong protest to the United States

He did that during a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
"China is strongly protesting the recent publication of a so-called report on the investigation of the origin of the coronavirus compiled by the U.S. intelligence services," Wang Yi said, according to the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Two congressmen made a mess when they suddenly landed in Kabul, making army furious

Iraqi war veteran and congressman of the Democrats from Massachusetts, Seth Moulton, and the Republican from Michigan, also a military veteran Peter Meijer, landed on a charter flight on Tuesday and spent several hours at the airport in Kabul, AP reports.

UN Security Council: Refrain from violence

In last night's statement, the Council called on all political actors in Haiti to refrain from any acts of violence and incitement to violence, and also requested that the perpetrators be brought to justice, Reuters reports.
It was also announced that the Security Council will discuss the assassination of the President of Haiti at a closed-door meeting today.

US Embassy targeted

The latest attack came after several attempted assaults on the U.S. facilities in Iraq.
The American defense system C-RAM was active during the night, the Iraqi army stated, and added that the rockets did not hit the embassy, but fell near it in the so-called green zone of Baghdad, where the embassies are located.
There were no casualties in the attack.

Behind the scenes: Snipers, army at the airport, police on the streets PHOTO

The presidents of Russia and United States of America, Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, will hold their first bilateral meeting today at Villa La Grange in Geneva. The agenda of the Russian-American summit includes issues related to cooperation between the two countries.