Archaeologists have Discovered the Earliest Known Drawings of Dogs (Video)

German archaeologists have discovered rock paintings of 8,000-year-old dogs in Saudi Arabia, the Daily Mail reported. On one of the drawings is of a bow hunter surrounded by 13 dogs. This painting, found in the Arabian desert, is the oldest known image of a dog, as well as a strap to control it. So far the earliest known drawing of a dog was from Egypt.

Man detained after footage emerges of him kicking dog in western Turkey

Police have detained a man in the western province of İzmir after video footage emerged of him kicking a dog sitting on the pavement.

The footage, gathered from surveillance camera footage on a street in the Aliağa district of İzmir, prompted outrage after it emerged online on Sept. 17. 

Shocking footage of girl trying to set fire to dog (disturbing video)

Shocking footage shows a teenage girl from North Carolina attempting to set fire to a dog.
The teenage girl was filmed by her friend using an aerosol can and a lighter to set fire to the dog on a backyard deck.
The two juveniles involved, who have been identified as two girls, aged 13 and 14, haven’t faced any charges yet.

Today is the World Day of Dogs

Today is the day of the Dog in many countries, various initiatives are organized for pet owners, and the purpose is to encourage people to be caring not only for their own dogs, but also for others who meet in a park or on the way to work.

The dog has become a constant companion of man since ancient times.

Foster Hosts are Needed for 9 Small Labradors to Become Guide Dogs for Blind People

Nine dogs with a cause need help.We are looking for foster hosts for small labradors, who will someday become guide dogs for blind people, reported bTV.

At the moment they are extremely sweet black and brown brothers and sisters.

People who will give them a temporary home will definitely have more responsibilities than the owners of the other dogs.

Animals kept in poor conditions in pet shops in Turkey amid debate on new pet shop law

Thousands of cats and dogs are still waiting in poor conditions at pet shops, amid ongoing debate over a new draft law banning pet shop owners from displaying them in stores. 

Critics of the draft law say it does not go far enough, arguing that animal sales should be banned completely.