System stable, import of coal and electricity still needed

BELGRADE - The country's energy system is not in danger but Serbia will still have to import around 3 tons of coal for the needs of its thermal power plants and around 1 billion kWh of electricity for the forthcoming winter season, and certain oil quantities might be needed as well, officials stated at the session of the Association of Energy and Energy Mining Board of the Serbian Chamber of Co

Fuel Prices Might Drop – Experts

Fuel prices in Bulgaria might drop, reports the Nova TV national channel.

According to experts, the prices of petrol and diesel fuels might decrease by 10%, due to drop of crude oil prices at global markets. 

Prices haven't been lower in the past 14 months. 

According to Nova TV, in some petrol stations across Bulgaria the lower prices are already a fact.

Iraqi Kurdish oil arrives in Croatian port: Report

A tanker carrying Iraqi Kurdistan crude oil has arrived at a Croatian port to be delivered to Hungarian firm MOL to the relief of the regional government, which has been hit by setbacks in the US A delivery of crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan has arrived at the Croatian Adriatic port of Omisalj, Croatia’s Jutarnji List daily reported on the late hours of Aug. 16.