Ice storms

Sub-zero temperatures recorded in 160 weather stations

The cold weather front currently affecting the country has brought the first snow of the winter, with below-zero temperatures recorded in 160 meteorological stations across the country.

While double-digit negative temperatures were recorded in some ski reports (Parnassos, Lailia in Serres and Kaimaktsalan), temperatures in Attica hit -2.2C in places.

What's coming at us?! Everything is already calculated; We will be hit hard PHOTO

The worst cold of the season will hit those parts of Europe, bringing a powerful winter storm that will hit the Balkan Peninsula the most, with huge amounts of snow from Romania to Ukraine.
This cold wave is forecast to move towards eastern and central Europe by Saturday and Sunday, spreading further south across the Balkan Peninsula on Sunday and early next week.

Temperatures to drop, rain and winds expected over the weekend

A low pressure system from the northwest accompanied by a cold front will bring adverse weather conditions over the weekend, with gale force winds throughout the country accompanied by heavy rain and storms in the northern and eastern parts of the country.

The National Meteorological Service (EMY) said temperatures in the north will drop by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

First Snow in Bulgaria Expected This Weekend

First snow this weekend. According to the forecasters, on the night of Saturday, precipitation will cover the entire country, and in places in the high valleys and lower mountain areas, it will turn into snow. In Sofia, temperatures will range between 1 and 12 degrees Celsius on Saturday, on Sunday they will not exceed 5 degrees.

Weather in Bulgaria: Cold and Heavy Rain Today

In the morning hours, it will be foggy in places in the lowlands and plains, and rain will begin in the northwestern regions, which will cover almost the entire country by the end of the day. The minimum temperatures today will be between 8°C and 13°C, and the maximum - from 13°C in places in northwestern Bulgaria to 23-25°C in the southeastern regions of the country.

Missing livestock farmer found dead, storm death toll rises to four

A 49-year-old livestock farmer from central Greece who had gone missing since Wednesday amid a severe storm was found dead shortly before noon on Thursday by rescuers, the Fire Department said.

The man was found in a stream that had become inaccessible by rocks and branches carried by the torrential rain.

Weather in Bulgaria: Mostly Sunny with Lower Temperatures

Today will be mostly sunny. A moderate wind will continue to blow from the west-northwest and the temperatures will drop a little more, the maximum will be mostly between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius, in Sofia around 27°C. In the evening and on the night of Tuesday in the western half of the country, it will rain, in the mountains and thunder.