Ice storms

More damage as gale-force winds hit

Severe storms with winds exceeding 100 km/h hit Slovenia late on 18 July, ripping roofs off buildings, and knocking down trees and power lines. Tens of thousands of households were left without power, more than 250 people camping outdoors were evacuated and rescuers helped hikers stranded in the mountains.

Thessaloniki hit by flooding

Firefighters in Thessaloniki received 300 calls for assistance following flooding in the northern city during the early hours of Saturday morning.

A stream in the Polichni district burst its banks, flooding many homes. Some road tunnels were also flooded and one car had to be towed to safety.

RHMZ issued as many as three warnings: It's coming...

Judging by the announcements of the RHMZ, snow will arrive at the beginning of April, and the formation of a snow cover is expected, not only in the mountainous regions.
The first warning refers to the expected higher amount of precipitation in the second part of the day in the southern and eastern regions, from 20 to 40 mm in 12 hours, sometimes even more.

The Weather in Bulgaria will be Cold with Rain and Snow

Cloudy weather will prevail today, in many places with rain, in the Pre-Balkans and on the high western plains - with rain and snow. Rainfall will be significant in places, mainly in the eastern half of the country. The wind will be moderate, with a direction from the north-northeast, and colder air will invade with it.

From February 5: Arctic Cold sets in Bulgaria

We welcome the first day of February with fluctuating clouds with frequent breaks during the day, but no precipitation. Light snow is still possible to drift over some mountain massifs and in separate points of Eastern Bulgaria, but the amounts will be insignificant. Daytime temperatures on Wednesday will be in the range of 4 to 9 degrees Celsius, from minus 1 to minus 7 in the mountains.

February in Bulgaria: From -12 to +20 Degrees

The increase in the length of the day in February leads to an increase in sunshine and a decrease in gloomy days. Usually, the snow cover in the plains is short-lived, and the precipitation is little. Characteristic of the month is the great dynamics of the atmosphere, which is the reason for sudden changes in the weather.

Snow reaches Serbia: "By the end of the week..."

"On Thursday, January 26, first in southeastern Serbia, and by the end of the day in other parts of Serbia, snow can be expected! A cold Koava wind will blow. The highest daily temperature will be from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. From Friday, January 27, until Sunday afternoon, January 29, it will be snowing with minor interruptions!