Ivan Geshev

Bulgaria: The Prosecutor's Office wants the Immunity of a GERB MP for "Fornicating with a Child"

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (SCPO) proposed to the prosecutor general Ivan Geshev to submit a request to bring to criminal responsibility the deputy of GERB Daniel Alexandrov.

He is a member of parliament for the first time and is a member of the committee on children, family, youth and sports. He is 31 years old and a competitor in classical wrestling.

Bulgaria’s Chief Prosecutor requested the immunity of Two MPs from "Vazrazhdane"

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev submitted to the registry of the 49th National Assembly a request to lift the immunity of two deputies from the pro-Russian "Vazrazhdane" party - Angel Georgiev and Veselin Veshev, announced the prosecutor's office.

The initials in the press release of the two people's representatives are V.V. and A.G., responding specifically to Georgiev and Veshev.

Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor: My Goal from now on is Real Judicial Reform

"A totalitarian coup is taking place in the judiciary, the separation of powers is not respected. They want to subjugate prosecutors, judges and investigators to illegitimate oligarchic interests. At the moment they want the judicial system, soon they will also want the president, who they now call different names.

Bulgaria: The Prosecutor's Office requested the Immunity of Boyko Borissov for Money Laundering

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office proposed to the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria - Ivan Geshev - to submit a reasoned request to the National Assembly for permission to initiate criminal prosecution against Boyko Borissov - former Prime Minister and deputy in the 49th National Assembly.

Bulgaria Opposition Receives Mandate as Coalition Talks Stall

Kiril Petkov speaks to media as he arrives for an EU-Western Balkans leaders' meeting in Brussels, 23 June 2022.  Photo: EPA-EFE/STEPHANIE LECOCQ

A week ago, the reformist party and ex-PM Boyko Borissov's GERB hatched an unexpected deal to form an 18-month cabinet, first headed by the WCC's Nickolay Denkov for nine months and then by GERB's Mariya Gabriel.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General in front of the Legal Commission: I am Not Afraid, I will Not Allow Myself to be Afraid

Without debate, with 19 votes "for", without a single "against" and "abstentions", the Legal Committee of the Parliament approved in the second reading the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, introducing a mechanism of control over the Prosecutor General.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General has Threatened to reveal Political Influence in the Judicial System

"I declare very clearly that from this there will be great shame for a large part of the members - or some part of the members of the SJC! Which shame will not be for the Prosecutor General and the prosecution. Fortunately, it will not be for the entire SJC.