Inspectors in shock when they entered the apartment of "S": Hundreds of photos

He was first marked as "S" in the media, and is accused of carrying out long-term sexual abuse of female students in this scientific institution.
According to Novosti, the inspectors found crowds, almost a hundred photographs of naked girls, often of explicit content, including many minors, in the apartment where he lives.

Probe Starts Into Sexual Abuse Claims in Serbian Research Centre

The Public Prosecutor's Office in Valjevo, western Serbia, has opened a pre-investigation into allegations of sexual violence in the Petnica Science Centre, the Serbian daily Danas reported on Friday.

Deputy prosecutor Vladimir Davidovic said the Prosecution Office started work after reading about the acusations in the media.

Member of the Management Board Petnica: "This is hogwash" VIDEO

He pointed out that until a month ago, he did not know of a case where a man marked "S" sexually harassed girls at a research station Petnica.
Asked how he did not know for four years why "S" was fired, he told TV Prva that "Petnica is a type of instantaneous water heater and many people come and go."

Legal framework to encourage charity

She also assessed on Wednesday that this is the best example of cooperation between the Serbian government, civil society organizations and private companies.

At the opening of the Philanthropy Festival in Belgrade, Brnabic recalled that charity is in the tradition of the Serbian people and gave examples of Mihajlo Pupin, Ilija Milosavljevic Kolarac and Djordje Weifert.