Foreign national arrested on child sexual offense charges at Athens airport

Athens Airport Police have arrested a 35-year-old foreign national, wanted for sexual offenses against a minor, upon his arrival from Switzerland.

According to police, the suspect allegedly engaged in criminal acts, including fostering a relationship with the minor's mother while overseeing the child, dating back to at least 2021. 

Ukrainian Woman Detained in Sunny Beach After Attempted Bribery of Police Officers

In Sunny Beach, Bulgarian authorities found themselves grappling with a peculiar case involving a 60-year-old Ukrainian woman. The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, fell into the hands of law enforcement after attempting to bribe police officers during a routine inspection, as reported by dariknews.bg.

They wanted a government job 

Sometimes I wish that I lived in a country somewhere between my native Greece and the USA where I live. By between I don't mean geographically but rather a country whose laws, social mores etc were somewhere between the two. Maybe, I like to dream, such a country would combine the best of both Greece and US without any of the negatives.