Minors used as hooligan ‘strike force’

[InTime News]

The younger Olympiakos fans who took part in the incidents in the Renti district of Athens last December that led to the death of a police officer outside a stadium during a volleyball match have been described by the police as the "strike force" - the "little ones" who followed the orders of the "big ones" in the stands.

Of the 168 people included in the police file, half are in the 16-22 age group, among them 14 minors. The investigation by the sub-directorate for combating violence in sports venues has shown that the alleged leaders of "Gate 7" supporters distributed club invitations to the "little ones" to enter the stadium for free, while they also gave them small "tips" for various errands.

During the fateful events of December, most of the minors threw stones at the police, while one allegedly was in possession of a folding knife. 

The flare that fatally...

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