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Goran Bregovic | Athens | July 14

Bosnian musician Goran Bregovic - famed internationally for his Emir Kusturica film scores - and his Wedding & Funeral Band, accompanied by Epirote clarinetist Petroloukas Halkias, will take concertgoers on a musical journey through the Balkans at the Melina Mercouri Open-Air Theater in Vyronas on July 14.

Pavlopoulos pays tribute to Roma

President Prokopis Pavlopoulos marked International Roma Day on Saturday, saying Greece's Roma community is an integral part of society.

Pavlopoulos urged the Roma to feel that they belong and urged them to participate, as he welcomed children from the region of Aliveri in Volos, central Greece, to the Presidential Mansion in Athens.

World Day for Honor the Victims Romani During World War II

On 8 April romani all around the world pay tribute to victims romani during World War II. It was declared as Romani Day in 1990, during the 4th World Romani Congress of the International Organization "Romani Union" in honor of the first major international meeting of representatives of the Romani ethnic group - the first Romani Congress, held on April 8th  1971 in London.

Amnesty International: Discrimination against minorities widespread in Croatia

Discrimination against ethnic minorities and Roma remained widespread, states the latest report on Croatia prepared by Amnesty International.

Additionally, Serb returnees face "persisting obstacles to regain their property," the document said, citing UNHCR.

EU report focuses on hardships of EU's Roma population

A report issued by a European Union agency says that about 80 percent of almost 34,000 Roma, or Gypsies, surveyed in nine EU nations live below the poverty level.

The report also says that every third Roma child goes to bed hungry at least once a month, while 50 percent between 6 and 24 do not attend school.