Man gets record 132-year jail sentence for blackmailing teenager into having sex

A man has received a record 132-year jail sentence for blackmailing a 14-year-old girl into having sexual intercourse with him. The court has also sentenced two of the man’s friends, who faced the same accusation, to 39 and 52 years in jail respectively.

World’s biggest sex heist in Berlin sees 50,000-worth of dildos stolen!

Thieves have stolen some 50,000-worth euros of dildos in the world’s biggest sex toy heist at an erotic fair in Berlin.
The bizarre crime happened at the annual Venus-Berlin exhibition in Germany this week.
Staff from one of the exhibitors – Fun Toys London – were packing up their stand at the end of the fair when the items disappeared, the company said.

Sexual curiosities in Ancient Greece (photos)

According to Aristophanes, human beings used to have four arms, four legs, and two sets of genitals, either two male sets, or two female, or one of each. But Zeus split everyone in two, forcing them to wander around on just two legs looking for their other half, with their sexual orientation determined by the genitals of that alter egothey yearned for.