Poll: 69% of Bulgarians Say New Roads have Made Travelling Easier

A majority of 69% are of the opinion that new infrastructure construction in Bulgaria has facilitated travelling, according to a survey commissioned by the Road Infrastructure Agency and carried out by Bulgarian polling agency Gallup International, reports Focus News Agency. 

Trash collectors to protest deaths

The union representing local authority workers, POE-OTA, has called on its members to walk off the job on Monday following the death on Friday of the 53-year-old driver of a municipal garbage truck who was crushed after losing control of his vehicle near the capital's main landfill in Fyli, northwestern Athens.

A Truck Hovered Above the Vladaya River in the Center of Sofia (Video)

A truck hovered above the Vladaya river in the center of Sofia. The incident occurred when the vehicle entered the circular junction of the Lion Bridge. The heavy truck got out of the way, swept the mantelle and hung over the river.

The traffic incident signal was submitted around 10.15 hours.