Illegal Migrants Discovered in Cargo Vehicle

14 illegal migrants were discovered during an inspection of a cargo vehicle in Burgas. The truck was with a Sofia registration plate and was driven by a 37-year-old man, from the capital city and known by the police, BNR reported.

 A total of 14 male illegal migrants were on the truck who said they were Afghani and Pakistani citizens.

Stockholm attack: Video of truck seconds after attack (video)

A video has emerged showing the truck that rammed into a large crowd in a Stockholm mall, Friday, killing 5 people. The vehicle is up in flames against a wall with smoke billowing and fire engines around it attempting to extinguish the flames. The perpetrator initially run over bystanders before crashing the truck in the wall.


28 Migrants Found in Burning Truck in Bulgaria

Twenty-eight migrants were found in a burning truck near the village of Rezovo close to the Bulgarian - Turkish border, according to BNR.

The burning truck was discovered near a forest road. It had Sofia registration plates and was loaded with gravel. The fire was extinguished by a team of three firefighters. It was the cab of the truck that was burning.

15-Km Truck Queue at Danube Bridge, Russe

There is a 15-km queue of trucks at Danube Bridge Russe, reported BGNES.

Traffic jams started forming in the afternoon as many people began returning from work and they cannot move on due to the trucks.

The situation was complicated further by snow-cleaning machines. Traffic is regulated by three units of Border Police and their colleagues from Road Police.

Romanian Police Find 48 Migrants on Truck with Bulgarian Driver

Romanian police discovered 48 Iraqi migrants in a truck at the border with Bulgaria, AP reports.

The truck driver was Bulgarian and showed police documents to claim he was driving a load of chocolate to Hungary and did not now migrants were inside.

Hungary was also the destination reported by the migrants, 22 men, 9 women and 17 minors.

45 Illegal Migrants Detained on Hemus Highway

About 21:00 hrs on Sunday night, Traffic Police Sofia inspected an Iveco truck driven by a 46-year old man from Vidin.

A total of 45 foreigners were discovered in the cargo section of the truck, reported the Interior ministry. 38 of the detainees showed their IDs. They are citizens of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The remaining 7 claimed they are their compatriots.