Truck driver faces criminal charges over Kifissou crash

A 64-year-old truck driver was on Thursday to answer to criminal charges of manslaughter through neglect after a crash he caused in Athens in the early hours of Wednesday, while under the influence of alcohol, resulted in the death of two motorists.

The crash occurred on Kifissou Avenue when the 64-year-old lost control of his truck, which veered into two cars, killing both drivers.

Drunk truck driver crashes into two cars, two dead

A 64-year-old truck driver was under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of his vehicle on Kifissou Avenue and crashed into two cars, killing both drivers, in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred at 5.40 a.m., according to traffic police who determined that the level of alcohol in the truck driver's blood was much higher than the legal limit.

Road Agency: Over 1,800 Machines Clearing Snow From National Roads

Over 1,800 machines are clearing the snow from the national roads, the Road Infrastructure Agency said. All roads remain open for light vehicles, but the agency advises the drivers to postpone traveling, if possible, until the weather improves. If the weather further deteriorates, the traffic of trucks will be restricted, or the whole traffic if necessary.

Strong Wind has led to Road Problems

Strong winds and snowfalls have led to road problems. The Road Infrastructure Agency (API) warned that traffic on I-5 Kazanlak - Shipka road is limited. API urges drivers to move with caution and appropriate speed. The intersection of the blocked route is via I-6 Kazanlak - Dunavtsi - road III-5601 Dunavtsi - Sheinovo - Shipka.

Train got out of the Rails and got on Fire in South Africa, Nearly 100 People were Injured

At least 12 people are dead, and 180 are injured in a crash between a train and a truck in the Republic of South Africa, the spokeswoman for Freitas Province, Frederick Mondly Mombby said. He did not rule out the number of victims could increased. It is also reported that a car was involved in the road traffic accident.