Vasso Papandreou on Proto Thema main story about tax audit

Regarding Proto Thema newspaper's main front-page story on Sunday, former top PASOK minister Vasso Papandreou released the following statement:


"Any financial checks on politicians is welcome. I have personally asked that all financial records of all ministers who have served Greece for the past 10 years should be checked thoroughly. I am, however, perplexed on the leak of a document that reveals specific audits on people without having received any sort of communique about any form of complaint."


"Concerning my assets, I have declared them all in every single tax form I have filled each year. I have no real estate or other assets abroad. All of my deposits are known, and in Greek banks. I have no bonds or stocks in Greece or abroad? I call on those responsible for the audits to carry them out thoroughly and quickly in order to avoid any form of rumors.


"If the audits are not carried out within five days, I will seek recourse to legal counsel".

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