Mali hotel terrorist attack in progress – 138 hostages (pics+vid)

Gunmen entered this morning the Radisson hotel of the Rezidor Hotel Group in Bamako, Mali’s capital holding 170 people hostage.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a Mali military spokesman said three people had been killed in the attack, but did not elaborate on the specific circumstances or their identities.

At least two hours after the invasion, the terrorists released some of the hostages, including at least two women and five employees of Turkish Airlines, whereas according to Reuters the terrorists released only those who could recite passages from the Koran.

Less than an hour later, army forces stormed into the hotel and managed to release 80 out of 170 hostages, while the operation is still in progress.

It is not clear, though, how many people are still inside the hotel. According to initial reports, 90 hostages were left after the army’s operation. However, based on latest information 138 people are still being held hostage. The hotel owner estimates that 125 of them are customers and 13 employees.

One of the hostages spoke to reporters: “Army forces took us out. There are still many people inside. I saw people dead in the lobby. I was hiding in my room, when the army broke down the door and took me out”.


A Greek man who was in the gym of the hotel at the moment of the attack managed to escape before being noticed by the terrorists and talked to BBC.

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