Mali: Vucic has written to European leaders over Pristina's CoE admission

BELGRADE - Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said on Friday President Aleksandar Vucic had written to European leaders in the morning over the so-called Kosovo's potential admission to the Council of Europe (CoE), and said that showed Serbia would not surrender.

"We are strong economically and I am very optimistic about that, but the pressure Serbia is under right now is hurting that optimism. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is worried more than ever - the reasons for that are objective and lie in that pressure," Mali said on Happy TV.

He said the pressure was due to problems in the region - Bosnia and Herzegovina, the situation in Kosovo-Metohija - and the issue of sanctions on Russia, and noted the threat of a Srebrenica genocide resolution being passed in the UN General Assembly.

"That is serious pressure and that is why I am telling you I have never...

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