The incredible moment this man sees colour for the very first time (VIDEO)


Chances are, you probably don’t think much about colour-blindness unless you’re involved with the condition.

Colour blindness affects around 2.7 million in the UK alone.

The condition usually prevents people from seeing red, green or blue light.

There are also rare cases of people being unable to see any colour at all.

One of those people is 66-year-old bodybuilder William Reed.

For his birthday his family decided that they wanted him to see the world the way they could.

Together they brought a special pair of Enchroma glasses, which have the ability to restore colour vision for the colourblind.

When they give Bill the gift the tension lingers as he takes his time to unwrap it and is initially clueless to what the specs are.

Then he puts them on and we’ll just let you watch watch transpires.

(You’d better have a couple of tissues to hand)


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