Raul Castro will Withdraw from Cuba's Leadership Position


The President of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Raul Castro, confirmed to Parliament that he would withdraw from office in April 2018.

"When the new assembly of the National Assembly of the People's Assembly is formed on 19 April, I will finish my second and last a mandate for the post of head of state and government head, Cuba will have a new president, "Castro said, quoted by the Houdendu rebelde newspaper.

The Cuban authorities announced on Thursday that the first parliament meeting in its new faction, where the members of the State Council and its chairman will be elected, will take place two months later than planned - on April 19th. The decision to postpone was taken in connection with the devastating consequences of Hurricane Irma, who crossed the island in September. Raúl Castro has ruled Cuba since 2008, when he replaced his senior brother, the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro.

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