An amateur photographer's take on triumph and defeat in Asia Minor

There is a surprising amount of unpublished archival material, particularly from amateur photographers, chronicling the 1919-22 Greco-Turkish War.

Last month, however, the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIT) presented a fine collection of photographs titled "Stergios Stergiou: Kios 1921-22," and now another amateur photographer from that time, Dimosthenis Kyrmizakis, is the subject of a new coffee-table book.

"Asia Minor Campaign 1919-1922: A Photographic Journey," recently released by Koukkida Publications, brings together such recently discovered material.

Kyrmizakis was born on Crete in January 1892, the son of a cultivated and wealthy textile merchant. Crete was, of course, under Turkish occupation at the time and the 1897 insurrection led the Turks to torch almost every business owned by Christians.

As this was the third time that...

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